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Hi my name is Robert Johnson & I am the owner of Inline Garage Services Darlington. I hope you enjoy our website & myself & the Inline Garage Services team look forward to seeing you at the garage one day so we can meet in person. Cheers Rob

New 13 Registration Plates Are Out Now

How many have you spotted so far?

We have seen 4 on the road so far from Ford`s through to Mercedes, looking all nice & new & shiny with happy smiley owners.

That means that all the 60 plate cars are now due their 1st MOT test & can now take advantage of the newly introduced to Inline Garage Service Darlington establishment MOT test warranty product, have you seen our page on this fantastic peace of mind potential money saving product.

Erase the worry of the possible cost associated with the yearly MOT test, mention this article to save 20% off the current listed price`s found on the MOT Test Warranty page.

Just mention 13 reg blog post when signing up for the MOT Test Warranty cover, to be entitled to the 20% discount.

See the page here for full details of the terms & conditions related to the product.

Using the parts that we use at Inline Garage Services we could service a 13 registration car today & it would not effect the vehicle manufacturer warranty in any way, we have also done a full blog post about this earlier, which can be read by clicking here.


Inline Garage Services Darlington can now offer MOT TEST WARRANTY.

Mot test warranty cover is available to all our current & new clients that meet the terms & conditions as per the cover notes.

If your vehicle is due it`s annual MOT Test no sooner than 30 days from the date you are reading this post then your able to take advantage of this warranty product.

Please click HERE to visit the MOT Test Warranty page to see the full details.


Cheap car servicing Darlington at Inline Garage Services.

We have already done a post on Low Cost High Quality Budget Servicing but have noticed that a lot of our new customers are finding our website by searching online for cheap car servicing in Darlington, many local Darlington drivers are looking for any possible help to make the household budget last longer when looking for a reliable garage to take their household vehicles too, we can still offer a high quality of workmanship to our servicing customers whilst maintaining our low invoice values to help you our loyal customers keep your vehicles on the road & to generate new customers for the business from Darlington drivers looking for the same high level of customer service without breaking the bank that our current customers already receive.

Many of our new customers inform us that they are trying us for the first time because of a referral from a happy satisfied customer that has already benefited from our low cost but high quality workmanship on their vehicle, this fills us with pride as we always aim to provide Inline Garage Services customers with a top quality job done on time & to the budget pre-agreed with the vehicle owner.

Call now for a no obligation quotation on any job no matter how large or small Inline can do them all.

01325 483525

Inline garage services technology

The modern motor vehicle is now built to a much higher standard of specification than in the early days of the car building process, with the many technological advances used within the automotive building procedure it has become necessary for the local independent garages such as ourselves to invest in the latest electronic diagnostic equipment to keep us as up to date as the large manufacturer workshops that offer the same service as ourselves but at a much higher price.

Inline Garage Services Darlington mechanic using the latest electronic diagnostic machine.


With this is mind Inline Garage Services Darlington have invested heavily in the latest electronic diagnostic equipment to assist our mechanics in the fault identification & subsequent repair of the modern day vehicle, as can be seen on the warning lamp chart within the reception area at the garage there are many different electronic sensors built within the vehicle that may present themselves as a problem whilst you are using the vehicle.

Vehicle warning lamp identification chart, you probably can’t see the relevant warning symbol on this image but we have the original poster displayed in our reception at Inline Garage Services Darlington.

Whilst the illuminated warning light will be easy to see & identify, the actual true cause of the problem will have to be identified by dialling into the many on-board computers housed within the vehicle to read the fault code to see what has caused the sensors to trip & illuminate the dashboard warning lamp.

Inline Garage Services Darlington mechanic uses the latest electronic diagnostic machine to dial into the vehicles on-board computer.


If you have a warning light currently illuminated on your vehicle dashboard I urge you to call us 01325 483525 immediately to get your vehicle into the workshop & the fault identified before you cause possible severe damage to your vehicle.

Winter Driving

Like it or not British summer time has been & gone! (Sorry if you missed it)

As we enter the cold, dark, wet, windy and all together miserable winter period, The risk to you our valued customer whilst driving in theses hazardous conditions increases dramatically & we advise all of you to make sure you regularly check your vehicle to ensure it is in peak driving condition.

Make sure your wipers are working correctly & clearing your screen sufficiently, quickly & without leaving streaks and also ensuring your washer bottle is topped up with a good quality screen-wash additive to help prevent freezing of the fluid as it is being used.

Ensure all your vehicle lighting is working correctly so you can see & be seen on the dark winter morning & evening commutes, It is easier to check the lighting on your vehicle with another person checking the lighting functions are working on the exterior of your car whilst you operate the controls inside the car. Ensuring that any blown bulbs are replaced as soon as they are identified as being faulty.

Your tyres need to be of a legal minimum tread depth of 1.6mm across the central three-quarters of the breath of the tread and around the entire circumference. You can check your vehicles tyres tread depth easily with a common 20p coin, Place the coin in the tread and make sure the tread covers the edge running around the circumference of the 20p (Feel free to call into the garage with a 20p and we will demonstrate for you & invest the 20p for you into our coffee machine)  . Handling & performance of your vehicle will be effected below a tread depth of 3.0mm this is why will start advising you to think about changing your tyres from this depth.

The 1.6mm is the section of the coin that houses the writing & date around the edge

Tyres also need to be kept inflated to the correct setting as advised by your vehicle manufacturer in your model specific handbook, You need to check your Tyre pressure whilst your tyres are cold and adjust the psi as required.

Car Failed M.O.T & Decided it didn`t want to be crushed alive

The picture shows a car that had failed an M.O.T at a local garage & was being towed to the scrap yard to be crushed, On the way it burst into flames obviously deciding that it would rather go up in flames than have to go through the crusher.

Luckily the driver being towed escaped from the car before it was totally engulfed & took these pictures that he posted onto social network Facebook.

Low Cost High Quality Budget Servicing

At Inline Garage Services Darlington we offer great discounts on our car servicing packages- you can save up to 55% on main dealer service prices, we use parts to matching original equipment specification quality to keep your new vehicle warranty validated.

Our customers can maintain their vehicles to the same standard as found at a manufacturer`s main dealership servicing workshop, Safe in the knowledge that they are still receiving a high quality level of workmanship but at a low cost budget price.

Inline Garage Services locally assisting the Darlington motorist with high quality car, van, light commercial vehicle & motor home, vehicle servicing & repair work at a low cost, budget price.

We encourage every one of our customers to see the table below for what is covered in our car services when comparing us to other garages in the area and to check you are getting the same level of service we offer for the same low cost price.

12 month / 12,000 miles parts & labour guarantee
Won’t affect your vehicle’s warranty.
Unmatched standards of service excellence every time. You get the best of both worlds, quality guaranteed at the most competitive prices.
No repair work done without your prior approval.