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Free Tyre Check Only At Inline Garage Services

Tyre’s one of the most important parts of any vehicle?

Two things you should never scrimp on or allow to become inefficient? Answer: – Tyre’s & brakes

One keeps you on the road, the other stops you.

Tyre’s start of life with a tread depth of around 8mm & the current legal limit for a Tyre to be on the wheel of a road traveling vehicle is 1.6mm, with most motoring organisations recommending they are changed at a minimum depth of 2.0mm.

Did you know that you risk getting a fine & point’s on your licence for every defective Tyre you have on your vehicle?

We agree that the handling & performance of your vehicle will be effected below a tread depth of 3.0mm this is why will start advising you to think about changing your tyres from this depth.

As readers of our Facebook page will have seen from our recent post about a vehicle presented at the garage for it’s annual MOT inspection, not only do motorists need to be aware of the current tread depth of all tyres on their vehicle including the spare, you should inspect the side wall of the Tyre for any cracking or splits or damage caused by potholes or kerbs.

After seeing the splits in the tyre’s of this customer Inline Garage Services are concerned that other customers maybe running around with possible dangerous tyres on their vehicles so we are offering all customers old & new a FREE tyre inspection check, Just give us a quick call & we can arrange a time & date to health check your tyres.


Inline Garage Services Free Tyre Check Split Tyre Inline Garage Services Free Tyre Check

Running your vehicle on low fuel level Dangers

Inline Garage Services Low Fuel Danger

Low fuel warning light

Running any vehicle with a low amount of fuel in the tank has risks of rust/sludge or fuel tank debris being sucked into the fuel system & then causing problems with engine running or poor performance due to reduced flow of fuel to the engine.

With modern vehicles the risk is significantly higher due to the tolerances that these modern vehicles fuel systems run at & the high technology that is now found in modern vehicles fuel injection systems.

Regular servicing of the vehicle including fuel & air filters will assist in the reduction of possible poor running of the engine, which in turn will increase fuel running costs & consumption, regular servicing will also help the garage to identify any other possible defects with the vehicle that left un-repaired would end up costing the vehicle owner more in the long run, followers of our Facebook page will be aware of the recent video we uploaded of a vehicle we had in that was found to have a severely rusted & loose brake backing plate, if this vehicle had continued on the road with this fault the owner would have faced a much larger bill in the long run for full replacement of the vehicles braking discs & pads & possibly brake calipers.

A more in-depth article on fuel injection can be found on wiki by following this link>> Fuel Injection

The Cost Incurred If A Vehicle Fails It’s Yearly MOT Is Increasing


UK motorists are estimated to be paying £1.44 billion on MOT failures each year, this figure does not include the original MOT Test fee or any retest fee that may have been charged.


More vehicles are failing MOT tests with 40% of vehicles failing the test in 2011 compared to 2009 when 37% failed, showing a slight increase. March is said to be the busiest time for vehicle MOT tests with 28% more tests being carried out compared to other months, this will be partly down to the new registration vehicles from 3 years ago now needing an MOT Test, but September should have a similar increase as this is when the 2nd of the new car registrations are released.


Most failures stem from not checking the simplest things which regular servicing would take care of, problems that could have been sorted out relatively cheaply beforehand can become bigger and much more expensive problems if they are not attended to, we have already discussed this scenario in an earlier blog post, but with the current economic climate we are seeing more & more customers putting of the repair work we advise at the time of service until such time that the vehicle ends up stuck on the side of the road broken down, this not only causes inconvenience issues but quite often the repair bill ends up significantly higher than the original price quoted, partly due to more component parts being damaged & partly due to the fact that the vehicle now needs stripping down again as it would have already been in a semi stripped down state at the original time of quoting.

We are currently in discussions with an outside company for the supply of a product that we can offer our customers which will assist in the possible future costs that may be incurred if a vehicle fails its MOT, obviously if this does become available our blog readers will be the first to know, so keep your eyes peeled for any future posts we make.

As always the garage can be contacted on (01325) 483525

End of the paper tax disc

Did you know that the laws are changing in regard to displaying a paper style tax disc in a vehicles windscreen?

From the 1st of October 2014 a new electronic system will be in place to monitor vehicle road tax, this will help save many millions of pounds for the government & make it easier for the policing of non-taxed vehicles using our roads, ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras will alert the police that a vehicle has passed it that does not have valid road tax in place.

To drive or keep a vehicle on the road you will still need to get vehicle tax and DVLA will still send you a renewal reminder when your vehicle tax is due to expire. This applies to all types of vehicles including those that are exempt from payment of vehicle tax.

The rules are also changing in regard to the vehicle tax when you are buying or selling a vehicle, basically the tax expires as soon as the transaction is made & the new owner needs to tax the vehicle immediately to enable continued road use, the seller no longer needs to claim any full months back as it is refunded automatically once the person named on DVLA vehicle register notifies the DVLA that one of the following has occurred:-

  • vehicle has been sold or transferred
  • vehicle has been scrapped at an Automated Treatment Facility
  • vehicle has been exported
  • vehicle has been removed from the road and the person on the vehicle register has made a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN)
  • person on the vehicle register has changed the tax class on the vehicle to an exempt duty tax class

Another added bonus for the consumer is the ability to pay for your vehicles road tax by direct debit, either monthly (12 months tax paid for on a monthly basis), 6 monthly or annually, helping households to budget rather than having to find the full amount in one go.

As always things can change & it’s advisable to check the government website to confirm the current rules at the time of your inquiry.

Inline Garage Services Darlington Winter / Christmas Promotion 2013

Inline Garage Services Darlington Winter Promotion.


Book your vehicle in for a Minor service plus M.O.T test for £89.99 Inc. vat

Or a major service for £99.99 Inc. vat


And receive a ticket for free entry into our winter promotion draw, promotion runs from Tuesday 5th November 2013 & closes Tuesday 31st December 2013.


Winner will be drawn from all valid tickets on Friday 3rd January 2014, Winner may choose from a car driving experience day for one or a spa day for one, conditions for restrictions on the dates available to be confirmed with the winner at the time.

Prize valued at £199.95 correct at time of promotion launch.


Terms & conditions.

Prices quoted for the above services do not include platinum tipped spark plugs or specialist oils, or any repairs found to be necessary at the time of servicing, which would incur an additional cost to be advised at the time of booking.

Draw not open to staff members or immediate family of Inline Garage Services Ltd Darlington.

Promoter’s decision is final & no correspondence will be entered into.

Please call today to book in for this special offer 01325 483525

Or use the online booking page to book in now.

Only a fool would miss this offer

This offer is no April fool

For one day only we are giving you this fantastic offer….

Book & pay for a standard car or van MOT to be carried out at anytime in 2013 & receive a complimentary mot test warranty for FREE, all this for just £47 unbelievable!!

Book online today to take advantage by clicking >>>>>HERE<<<<< Enter ” No April Fool” in the subject line.

Offer expires at midnight 01/04/2013 any bookings received after this time will not be accepted for the offer.

We will call you back during the week to arrange the correct date for your vehicle to be booked into the garage.

Happy Easter hope you enjoy the rest of your bank holiday break.

Looking for a qualified car mechanic in Darlington

Looking for a qualified car mechanic in Darlington?

If your car, van or motor home has let you down & you live in or around Darlington, then Inline garage services should be your first call on 01325 483525

Qualified Mechanics at Inline Garage Services Darlington.

We have qualified mechanics ready & waiting to diagnose your vehicles faults using our up-to date diagnostic equipment & with over 35 years combined motor trade experience between them, the Inline garage services team will always look after your vehicle as if it was their own & get you back on the road & motoring A.S.A.P

It’s when your vehicle ends up off the road & unavailable for your use that you realise just how much you need your vehicle, that 2 minute drive down the road now takes you over 30 minutes to walk, the shopping bags get more & more heavy the further you walk with them & all the after school events that you have to take your children to become more of a chore than a pleasure for you.

Regular maintenance will without doubt help to keep you & your vehicle on the road & motoring day to day, if you keep on top of the servicing & repairs on your vehicle from day one of purchase then your overall & long term running costs will be lower than the cost of regular yearly servicing.

As already covered in an earlier blog post <click here> Inline Garage Services in Darlington can look after your vehicle from day one of registration without affecting any current manufacturer warranty, read the full article for further details.