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Running your vehicle on low fuel level Dangers

Inline Garage Services Low Fuel Danger

Low fuel warning light

Running any vehicle with a low amount of fuel in the tank has risks of rust/sludge or fuel tank debris being sucked into the fuel system & then causing problems with engine running or poor performance due to reduced flow of fuel to the engine.

With modern vehicles the risk is significantly higher due to the tolerances that these modern vehicles fuel systems run at & the high technology that is now found in modern vehicles fuel injection systems.

Regular servicing of the vehicle including fuel & air filters will assist in the reduction of possible poor running of the engine, which in turn will increase fuel running costs & consumption, regular servicing will also help the garage to identify any other possible defects with the vehicle that left un-repaired would end up costing the vehicle owner more in the long run, followers of our Facebook page will be aware of the recent video we uploaded of a vehicle we had in that was found to have a severely rusted & loose brake backing plate, if this vehicle had continued on the road with this fault the owner would have faced a much larger bill in the long run for full replacement of the vehicles braking discs & pads & possibly brake calipers.

A more in-depth article on fuel injection can be found on wiki by following this link>> Fuel Injection

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