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electronic sensors

Inline garage services technology

The modern motor vehicle is now built to a much higher standard of specification than in the early days of the car building process, with the many technological advances used within the automotive building procedure it has become necessary for the local independent garages such as ourselves to invest in the latest electronic diagnostic equipment to keep us as up to date as the large manufacturer workshops that offer the same service as ourselves but at a much higher price.

Inline Garage Services Darlington mechanic using the latest electronic diagnostic machine.


With this is mind Inline Garage Services Darlington have invested heavily in the latest electronic diagnostic equipment to assist our mechanics in the fault identification & subsequent repair of the modern day vehicle, as can be seen on the warning lamp chart within the reception area at the garage there are many different electronic sensors built within the vehicle that may present themselves as a problem whilst you are using the vehicle.

Vehicle warning lamp identification chart, you probably can’t see the relevant warning symbol on this image but we have the original poster displayed in our reception at Inline Garage Services Darlington.

Whilst the illuminated warning light will be easy to see & identify, the actual true cause of the problem will have to be identified by dialling into the many on-board computers housed within the vehicle to read the fault code to see what has caused the sensors to trip & illuminate the dashboard warning lamp.

Inline Garage Services Darlington mechanic uses the latest electronic diagnostic machine to dial into the vehicles on-board computer.


If you have a warning light currently illuminated on your vehicle dashboard I urge you to call us 01325 483525 immediately to get your vehicle into the workshop & the fault identified before you cause possible severe damage to your vehicle.