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Looking for a qualified car mechanic in Darlington

Looking for a qualified car mechanic in Darlington?

If your car, van or motor home has let you down & you live in or around Darlington, then Inline garage services should be your first call on 01325 483525

Qualified Mechanics at Inline Garage Services Darlington.

We have qualified mechanics ready & waiting to diagnose your vehicles faults using our up-to date diagnostic equipment & with over 35 years combined motor trade experience between them, the Inline garage services team will always look after your vehicle as if it was their own & get you back on the road & motoring A.S.A.P

It’s when your vehicle ends up off the road & unavailable for your use that you realise just how much you need your vehicle, that 2 minute drive down the road now takes you over 30 minutes to walk, the shopping bags get more & more heavy the further you walk with them & all the after school events that you have to take your children to become more of a chore than a pleasure for you.

Regular maintenance will without doubt help to keep you & your vehicle on the road & motoring day to day, if you keep on top of the servicing & repairs on your vehicle from day one of purchase then your overall & long term running costs will be lower than the cost of regular yearly servicing.

As already covered in an earlier blog post <click here> Inline Garage Services in Darlington can look after your vehicle from day one of registration without affecting any current manufacturer warranty, read the full article for further details.

Winter Driving

Like it or not British summer time has been & gone! (Sorry if you missed it)

As we enter the cold, dark, wet, windy and all together miserable winter period, The risk to you our valued customer whilst driving in theses hazardous conditions increases dramatically & we advise all of you to make sure you regularly check your vehicle to ensure it is in peak driving condition.

Make sure your wipers are working correctly & clearing your screen sufficiently, quickly & without leaving streaks and also ensuring your washer bottle is topped up with a good quality screen-wash additive to help prevent freezing of the fluid as it is being used.

Ensure all your vehicle lighting is working correctly so you can see & be seen on the dark winter morning & evening commutes, It is easier to check the lighting on your vehicle with another person checking the lighting functions are working on the exterior of your car whilst you operate the controls inside the car. Ensuring that any blown bulbs are replaced as soon as they are identified as being faulty.

Your tyres need to be of a legal minimum tread depth of 1.6mm across the central three-quarters of the breath of the tread and around the entire circumference. You can check your vehicles tyres tread depth easily with a common 20p coin, Place the coin in the tread and make sure the tread covers the edge running around the circumference of the 20p (Feel free to call into the garage with a 20p and we will demonstrate for you & invest the 20p for you into our coffee machine)  . Handling & performance of your vehicle will be effected below a tread depth of 3.0mm this is why will start advising you to think about changing your tyres from this depth.

The 1.6mm is the section of the coin that houses the writing & date around the edge

Tyres also need to be kept inflated to the correct setting as advised by your vehicle manufacturer in your model specific handbook, You need to check your Tyre pressure whilst your tyres are cold and adjust the psi as required.

Does a car still under manufacturers warranty have to go back to the main dealer?

Unsurprisingly, dealers choose not to tell car owners that
their warranty is still intact wherever they choose to have
their cars serviced*, but the ‘RIGHT TO CHOOSE’ campaign aims
to put that right.

Many motorists with vehicles under manufacturers’ warranty are
under the misguided impression that any servicing, maintenance
or repairs must be carried out by the authorised dealer
otherwise their warranty is invalidated.

They are still unaware that, since June 2010, European
competition rules which cover agreements between vehicle
manufacturers and their authorised dealers, repairers and
spare parts distributors, have confirmed important rights
which help the motorist.

The introduction of these rules means that motorists can shop
around for the most competitive price and convenient location
for servicing their cars.

Under the rules, car manufacturers will no longer be able to
make the warranty conditional on having the car serviced, or
even simple things like oil changes, done in the dealers’

Motorists using their ‘Right to Choose’ have found that there
are more competitive prices available from Independent garages
and workshops. This has helped go some way to offset the
overall increase of motoring costs such as fuel and insurance.

Servicing and maintenance are calculated to represent around
40% of vehicle running costs over the whole life of the car.


Important Notes

• In order to retain the vehicle warranty it is essential that the car manufacturer’s
service schedule is adhered to and that full records of the vehicle’s service history are
retained. In addition, details of any parts fitted or consumables, such as oil or coolant,
should be retained in order to refute any allegation by a dealer that the warranty has
been invalidated.

• The rules referred to above are the European Regulation 461/2010 (Motor Vehicle
Block Exemption). Regulation 461/2010 has been introduced, along with a set of
Supplementary Guidelines on Vertical Restraints in Agreements for the Sale and
Repair of Motor Vehicles and for the Distribution of Spare Parts for Motor Vehicles
(the ‘Supplementary Guidelines’). The new Regulation contains a list of hardcore
restrictions applicable to the motor vehicle aftermarket – repair, maintenance and the
sale of spare parts – which came into force on 1 June 2010. It also extends the
application of the provisions of Regulation 1400/2002 relating to distribution
agreements and concerted practices of new motor vehicles until June 2013. After that
date, the exemption of such contracts will be regulated by the general regime for
vertical agreements, the newly adopted Regulation 330/2010.

• One of the sponsor organisations, the Independent Automotive Aftermarket
Federation (IAAF), has successfully challenged hundreds of cases where dealers have
misleadingly told motorists that servicing vehicles outside the dealer network has
invalidated the warranty.