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The Cost Incurred If A Vehicle Fails It’s Yearly MOT Is Increasing


UK motorists are estimated to be paying £1.44 billion on MOT failures each year, this figure does not include the original MOT Test fee or any retest fee that may have been charged.


More vehicles are failing MOT tests with 40% of vehicles failing the test in 2011 compared to 2009 when 37% failed, showing a slight increase. March is said to be the busiest time for vehicle MOT tests with 28% more tests being carried out compared to other months, this will be partly down to the new registration vehicles from 3 years ago now needing an MOT Test, but September should have a similar increase as this is when the 2nd of the new car registrations are released.


Most failures stem from not checking the simplest things which regular servicing would take care of, problems that could have been sorted out relatively cheaply beforehand can become bigger and much more expensive problems if they are not attended to, we have already discussed this scenario in an earlier blog post, but with the current economic climate we are seeing more & more customers putting of the repair work we advise at the time of service until such time that the vehicle ends up stuck on the side of the road broken down, this not only causes inconvenience issues but quite often the repair bill ends up significantly higher than the original price quoted, partly due to more component parts being damaged & partly due to the fact that the vehicle now needs stripping down again as it would have already been in a semi stripped down state at the original time of quoting.

We are currently in discussions with an outside company for the supply of a product that we can offer our customers which will assist in the possible future costs that may be incurred if a vehicle fails its MOT, obviously if this does become available our blog readers will be the first to know, so keep your eyes peeled for any future posts we make.

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