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Winter Driving

Like it or not British summer time has been & gone! (Sorry if you missed it)

As we enter the cold, dark, wet, windy and all together miserable winter period, The risk to you our valued customer whilst driving in theses hazardous conditions increases dramatically & we advise all of you to make sure you regularly check your vehicle to ensure it is in peak driving condition.

Make sure your wipers are working correctly & clearing your screen sufficiently, quickly & without leaving streaks and also ensuring your washer bottle is topped up with a good quality screen-wash additive to help prevent freezing of the fluid as it is being used.

Ensure all your vehicle lighting is working correctly so you can see & be seen on the dark winter morning & evening commutes, It is easier to check the lighting on your vehicle with another person checking the lighting functions are working on the exterior of your car whilst you operate the controls inside the car. Ensuring that any blown bulbs are replaced as soon as they are identified as being faulty.

Your tyres need to be of a legal minimum tread depth of 1.6mm across the central three-quarters of the breath of the tread and around the entire circumference. You can check your vehicles tyres tread depth easily with a common 20p coin, Place the coin in the tread and make sure the tread covers the edge running around the circumference of the 20p (Feel free to call into the garage with a 20p and we will demonstrate for you & invest the 20p for you into our coffee machine)  . Handling & performance of your vehicle will be effected below a tread depth of 3.0mm this is why will start advising you to think about changing your tyres from this depth.

The 1.6mm is the section of the coin that houses the writing & date around the edge

Tyres also need to be kept inflated to the correct setting as advised by your vehicle manufacturer in your model specific handbook, You need to check your Tyre pressure whilst your tyres are cold and adjust the psi as required.

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